For the better or worth, I am not an academic philosopher. This is simply my sincere attempt to contribute to the clarity, comprehensibility, and expressiveness of communicating the difficult subject and raise the awareness.

The surprising fact is that all of this is rather well known among a certain elite group  – from some Nobel level physicists to some philosophers to some mystically gifted individuals. The battle between the ‘religion’ of materialism and the ‘religion’ of idealism has been resolved as there can be no question on which side of this debate modern physics falls! I can’t wait for this to spread out and penetrate into the mindset of the general populace.

I put together and conceived the essentials of this understanding sometime in 2003 and coming from a background of severe atheism and religious intolerance, I struggled and wrestled with the reason and evidence that was forcing me by its brutal efficiency into accepting this unusual worldview against my desires. I can say with all confidence, that in all the years that followed, I have found absolutely nothing to doubt the validity of this new view – despite all my attempts and despite an in-born cynical skeptic in me.

I truly hope this essay is going to touch your heart and your intellect, make you think and re-examine your habitual believes, give you motivation and the direction in doing your own research, and help you find sense and confidence in our crazy world.



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